Lise Boilard

Gallery : Le Luxart

Birth: Born in Quebec City, the artist now lives in the Laurentians.

Training: After a career in Oceanography and Teaching, Lise Boilard is attracted to watercolor for its fluidity and transparency. Following various art workshops with American artists, she opts for mixed techniques for the freedom and spontaneity they allow. She uses pure colors to achieve maximum opulence and brightness.

Medium: Mixed media.

Artistic approach: Feeling and experiencing with several materials, the artist express perfectly her personal approach full of harmony and soft colors. The sculptures of Lise Boilard stand on a small rock with elegance, delicacy and geniality illustrating alternately a passionate reading woman, a slender dancer or simply a lady dressed in her finery which we only know her first name…
“My greatest pleasure is to use textures, inks, calligraphy, japanese paper, collages… anything that allows me to recreate the essence of happiness and joy of living” she says.

Exhibitions: Since 2008, the artist has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in Quebec.

Collections: Private in North America.

Awards: Since 2000, Lise Boilard won many prizes and awards of excellence across the province of Quebec such as CAPSQ (Circle of Artists Painters and Sculptors of Quebec), Comme-Unique-Art and Blainville-Art. In 2009 and for the following two years, she has won the Special prize of the National Society of Fine Arts and is a member of the delegation of Canada.

Media coverage: Articles and reports in the Magazin’Art of the Spring and Fall Issues in 2010.