Gallery : Le Bourget

Birth: Pierre Pouliot was born in Quebec City.

Training: Self-taught artist, he holds a Business Administration baccalaureate and his long career in finance will fill his Cartesian mind. Creative by nature, Pierre Pouliot now devotes himself to his passion where he can express his existential sensibility.

Medium: Bronze.

Artistic approach : It is through the figurative representation of popular subjects, by his characters and animals, that the unruly art of Piezo manifests itself. By providing a meticulous attention to details, the storyteller and anecdotal aspect is the signifying power of his works where the imagination tends towards the marvelous, the unusual and the humor …
Its freshness of expression, outside academic standards, deploys a stylization that reinforces its desire for meaning. The spontaneous character of his sculptures against the current of any academic dogma, effectively adds its criterion of authenticity.
‘My sculptures are contemporary, original and where the themes are an invitation to dream and stimulate your imagination ... The subjects that I approach, source of my inspirations, allow me to visualize very clearly each piece before conceiving them. My attention to detail expresses a desire to deliver as accurately as possible the meaning of each sculpture’ says the artist.
Piezo was seduced by the bronze to create his sculptures because it is a durable material, rich and for its incomparable beauty.

Exhibitions: The artist has participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec.

Collections: Private collections throughout North America and Europe.