Alex Cuber

Gallery : Le Luxart

Birth: Born in Montreal in 1975.

Training: Alex Cuber studied at the Montreal Academy of Fine Arts where he obtained a diploma in graphic design as well as in commercial design. Working for several years in the world of fashion, he has at the same time created his own works with a proper and eccentric approach.

Medium: Mixed. His favorite mediums are acrylic and oil on hot-rolled steel.

Artistic approach: The paradoxes in his works are omnipresent, the industrial cold of steel as opposed to sensuality and emotion, the abstract versus the figurative, order through chaos. Usually beginning his works with completely abstract backgrounds, he then paints his characters in a very realistic way. He qualifies his work as abstract realism because the two aspects confront each other as much as they complement each other.

The use of numerology also plays an important role in his work. With an invented code, each work is distinctly numbered, giving it a specific place in space and time, thus giving a sense of order in an apparent disorder. His art becomes a living catalog of his work, his experiences and his life. He invites us in different ways to enter his rich and stylized universe.

Exhibitions: Several solo and group exhibitions in Montreal in its beginning to now spread across North America. Several of his pieces have been selected for cinematographic film sets.

Collections: The art of Alex Cuber is part of private and corporate collections across North America and Europe.