Le Bourget Art Gallery

Founded in 1997 and situated in Old Montréal, Le Bourget was the first of our four galleries to open its doors in the heart of the Quartier des Arts on Saint-Paul Street. It is in this environment, rich in history and culture, that our friendly gallery presents a happy marriage between traditional painting and present-day figurative art. Still lifes, landscapes and abstract compositions give the public access to a wide range of sought after and fascinating artwork.

Le Bourget Art Gallery has made its mark over the years, both for its enlightened choice of Québecois, Canadian and international artists, and the exceptional quality of its service. Visited by collectors from around the world, it has enabled its artists to see their work distributed in many countries.

The relationship of confidence we’ve established with the clientele of our four galleries is constantly being renewed, and has become a guarantee of our reputation of excellence. We’re grateful to our clients for their loyalty, but first and foremost we want to thank them for sharing our passion for the visual arts.

Le Luxart Art Gallery

Situated just a few steps from Le Bourget Gallery, Le Luxart offers a vast array of works in a variety of contemporary styles, where pure abstraction, figurative art and innovative compositions can be found side by side. The layout of the location reminds us of the origins of the superb historical building, where stone and glass compete with the exhibition of canvases and sculptures created by about thirty Québecois and Canadian professional artists. These vibrant works, with forms and colours that are firmly entrenched in the 21st Century, represent pleasant discoveries for both amateur contemporary art lovers and informed investors.

Le Luxart Gallery wishes to promote modern-day creation, allowing it to break through boundaries and become an harmonious part of family and corporate tradition. With us, friendliness and personalized service are not a privilege, but a trademark. Come visit us!

Émeraude Art Gallery

Émeraude Art Gallery opened its door in the spring of 2010. Located on Saint-Paul Street near the Bonsecours Market, in a new building of concrete and glass, the gallery's clean architectural lines support its distinctive calling, constituting a space where what is new and contemporary is being made accessible to the public at large. Because of the setting and our approach, visitors can admire the sensitivity and talent of contemporary artists with interest and enthusiasm, and not be in the least intimidated. Innovative techniques and varied themes invite visitors to let themselves be seduced by the emotions and research underlying the act of creation.

Based on our years of experience in the visual arts, we encourage you to discover the work of established and emerging artists, through the rich array of artworks presented at the gallery. Energy, imagination and creativity are always front and center at Émeraude Art Gallery!

Ambiance Art Gallery

The fourth and latest jewel to be part of our family – Ambiance Art Gallery – offers unique creations by Québécois and Canadian artists in figurative, traditional and abstract styles.

Founded in 2011 and situated in an historical building on Saint-Paul Street, Ambiance Gallery proposes a 2000 square foot showroom in a loft like space reminiscent of New York City.

The paintings are affixed to movable walls that are suspended from the ceiling all the while creating intimate alcoves to better appreciate the works. The space also presents a magnificent selection of bronze, sandstone, glass and stone sculptures.

We propose a blend of original works created by established and distinguished artists and also showcase younger up and coming talents.

With the arrival of Ambiance Art Gallery on the Montréal cultural scene, more than one hundred artists, mainly Québécois, are now included in our catalogue for art lovers and collectors the world over to discover.